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Welcome to my best personal BLOG 2007 ! My name is tim, and most of the people call me ah tim, that is why i named my blog with ah tim The BLOggER. I am a IT specialist and my dream is to become a full time BLOggER so that can spend more time for my family and God's work. My purpose to design and write this blog is to provide valuable information to you and hopefully you get some information or tools that you want or needed before leave my BLOG. Well, i am not a full time blogger, hence don't have much time to research on those high level techniques to make money online, BUT i will tell you how i manage make some money online by using my free time. I will update this BLOG as frequent as i can, with your frequent visit or read my feedburner daily. Enjoy surfing and do give your comments in my post ! Take care :)

Friday, July 27, 2007

EARN additional USD$136.17 in your AdSense earnings today !

Many internet users want to earn money from internet but don't know how to start. Some says through selling product, some says through blogging or build website selling advertisement. But for a new internet user like you, i think is not easy to build a high traffic website or blog that can attract people to your website everyday. Then how to earn money from there? I've build my blog for years, but only got few bucks because of less traffic.

Hence a lot of internet user give up and think that internet income is impossible, is a trick to us. What do you think? I would say NOT if you put some effort !

There is a company build a "Adsense revenue sharing" concept website that allow us to earn internet money through adsense without build a website or blogging. Maybe you will ask, how is this possible? Yes, its not wrong, its possible and i am earn some extra money by using this website.

The concept behind this Adsense revenue sharing is you post content or information on this high traffic website. When people search in google or other search engine, and they open up your content then you have chance to earn adsense money IF you visitors click on any of the advertisement. Remember, this is website is high integrated with search engine and you do not need to worry about the traffic and the advertisement's position arrangement, it was optimize by profession. You just need to post content as much as you can, then the earning will automatic go into your Adsense account.

Now, you can start earning at:

1. Register at ==> Click HERE

2. Put your Adsense Publisher ID in the registration page. For other adsense option, don't key in anything if you don't know what you are doing,just leave it blank will do.

3. For the "Main website url" field, you can put in the blog url that you registered with BLOggER.com

4. After registered, log in to the senserely.com website ( The button is on top of the Senserely website .

5. After loged in, Click on the "blog entry" in the control panel position on your left sidebar.

6. At last, submit your interesting content and start earn money.

How to register Google Adsense ?

Many BLOggERs curious how to earn money from internet? How to earn money by writing contents? Actually the concept behind the money BLOggER is selling nothing but publish "advertisements".

If you are newbie BLOggER, i would suggest you to publish advertisement with the easiest sign up advertisement company named "Google Adsense". By the name, you already now that this company own by the internet giant search developer - GOOGLE. And from here you can get easy money because Google Adsense can sign up within minutes and publish to any of your blog in internet.

I'll guide through the whole process on how to sign up Google Adsense and configuration in step by step mode.

1. Open web browser, goto http://www.google.com/adsense and click the "Sign up now" button

2. Key in your personal information correctly

3. Register your Google Adsense account

4. Now you have registered as Adsense's publisher account successfully.You should received confirmation letter from Google Adsense. Login your Adsense account and click on "My Account" tab

5. Look into your "Property Information" , then write down your publisher's id,eg: pub-6470489754369210

How to register free BLOG ?

If you are a newbie in blogging, actually it is pretty easy to register a free blog. I would recommend you to start with free Blog first, to gain more experience in blogging before move on to register your own blog’s domain name. There are too many free blog providers in the market that I can't list out the complete list.

One of the easiest to use Blog interface is http://www.blogger.com . I will guide you on how to register in Blogger and configure it in step by step mode.

1. Open a web browser ( I would prefer Mozilla Firefox ), goto http://www.blogger.com

2. In the blogger.com main page, click on




I think these should only take you 5 mins to register, we will discuss more on configuration in next post.