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Welcome to my best personal BLOG 2007 ! My name is tim, and most of the people call me ah tim, that is why i named my blog with ah tim The BLOggER. I am a IT specialist and my dream is to become a full time BLOggER so that can spend more time for my family and God's work. My purpose to design and write this blog is to provide valuable information to you and hopefully you get some information or tools that you want or needed before leave my BLOG. Well, i am not a full time blogger, hence don't have much time to research on those high level techniques to make money online, BUT i will tell you how i manage make some money online by using my free time. I will update this BLOG as frequent as i can, with your frequent visit or read my feedburner daily. Enjoy surfing and do give your comments in my post ! Take care :)

Thursday, August 30, 2007

FREE Ubuntu Linux Original CDs

Why use Ubuntu Linux?
For those who play with Linux OS, i am sure you come across "Ubuntu Linux", and might confuse by huge number of Linux OS.
While you are thinking which Linux OS to try out, suggest you to look at the graph chart first.

As you see, highest percentage 30% of users in Linux world use Ubuntu as their preferred OS. Hence you don't need to worry on the hardware driver compatibility. And most important thing, its Free Of Charge for laptop, desktop or even server.

How to get Ubuntu?
You can download the latest version Ubuntu 7.04 here or apply Ubuntu Linux Original CDs for FREE. Not believe? Apply a copy for yourself, I just applied one :)

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Yahoo new service launching !

YAHOO Launching
Today Yahoo just released its new feature in Yahoo web based Mail after few months of beta testing. You can access to these features instantly without any download or installation. Easy, isn't it?

What's new ?
The new version of Yahoo Mail includes "real-time communication" in the form of instant messaging and SMS Latest News about SMS (short message service) text messaging as well as several other performance enhancements that will mainly benefit those with up-to-date computers.

My two cents
Now we can chat in Yahoo Mail easily. Just click on contact, and click on your friends name, then this chat box pop out as your chat communicator. Enjoy !

* For SMS feature in chat box, i still not able to figure out where is the feature. Also there is not much info on yahoo mail website, maybe still in progress.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Google Cludr ? google new feature again :)

What is Cludr ?
Google launched its new feature website - Cludr.It features a Google search box and a list of 18 categories including "dating," "health," "investments," "music," "news," "shopping," "search" and "Yellow Pages." Behind the links are lists of the most popular Web sites in each of the categories.

It's Advantages
The site is powered by Google search and features Google ads, but with fewer ads and no video, news, image or video links.

To me it seems like a very simple but organized list of bookmarks. Have fun ! :)

Warning for Yahoo Messenger Users !

Why Warning ?
There is a new attack against Yahoo Messenger users.

The attacker might invite you to open Webcam. However, the attacker use the China-based exploit causes a heap overflow to be triggered when the you accept a Webcam invitation.

That means a remote attacker could execute malicious code (run hacker program) on your computer.

How to Resolve ?
Update your Yahoo Messenger to Yahoo Messenger version now.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Google Sky ?

Google Sky ! google earth new Feature
With about a hundred million stars and two hundred million galaxies, Sky in Google Earth lets you explore the heavens like never before.

Take a look at the DEMO movie clip. You can explore the SKY now

Fake Steve Jobs (founder of Apple) ?

For those who in tech line, I am sure you know who is Steve Jobs , the founder of Apple Inc.
A blogger been pretending to be Mr Steve Jobs in the Internet for 14 months, but now his identity has been unmasked.

Who is Fake Steve Jobs ?
Forbes Senior Editor Dan Lyons is Fake Steve Jobs, the irreverent author of a popular satirical blog, "The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs," about all things tech.

Who catch him ?
Lyons was outed on Sunday by New York Times reporter Brad Stone. He's come out and confessed, saying he figured he'd be caught sooner or later. Fake Steve Jobs fans worldwide are in shock or, at least, a state of mild annoyance.

What will you do, If other blogger pretending to be YOU?

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

New Beetle Theme

I just update my BLOG's header with this dream car - Volkswagen New Beetle 2005 edition.
Do you like the car?

As you see, i am not updating this BLOG too much, because i am planning and waiting for my Internet money to comes in. And then I will register a dot com to start a new BLOggER way. I do not want to put a lot effort here, then have to rebuild all over again in my new BLOG. So, now i am in planning mode and observation mode.

Hopefully by next month (Sep 2007), I have enough money from PayPal to register a personal dot com.

Monday, August 13, 2007

How to withdraw PAYPAL ?

Many people heard about the name PAYPAL, but do not know how to use it to receive money and further more withdraw PAYPAL money in Malaysia. Recently I got few bucks from eBay income and BLOG review income , they pay me by PAYPAL. But the most important question is how to use it and how to withdraw?

Most of the big Internet company like eBay and many more use PAYPAL as their payment engine, so if you want to earn money from Internet, you MUST use PAYPAL ! Register PAYPAL here.

Why use PAYPAL ?

  • PayPal is an e-commerce business allowing payments and money transfers to be made through the Internet.
  • PayPal lets you send money to anyone with email.
  • PayPal is free for consumers and works seamlessly with your existing credit card and checking account.
How to withdraw PAYPAL ?
This is the MOST critical part, and most people keep it as secret. They might want to sell you some step by step manual to earn some money. But for me, I would like to help you on those steps here. I just settled the long procedures for myself on today.

Step by Step to Withdraw Paypal:
1. Register International Bank Account
2. Apply ATM Debit card from International Bank Account
3. Transfer money from Paypal into your International Bank Account
4. Withdraw money from local ATM machine

What you need to
register an International bank account ?
1. Photostat MyKAD/ NRIC - 1 copy

2. Goto
Maybank , transfer RM100 into my Account:
Name: Un Ching Wee
Account Number: 154062537515

3. Send your personal particulars below to tim_un@hotmail.com
- Full Name, Address, email address
- Put signature on your photostated MyKAD/NRIC, then email to me or mail to me

After registration, I will guide you throughout the whole process until you got your money. Now, the first step you need to register an International bank account.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Bi-Weekly BLOG review - 1st Review

Since blogging here for 2 weeks, I would like to review what have I done and what I get so far. I will define my level of blogging and share with you all. Hope you can give some useful comment here to help me improve.

Recently JohnChow.com accepted an challenge to build a BLOG from "nobody to somebody".I like this idea to prove that Internet can success people, and I hope he show us how he do that . Of course, I believe he can do that!

As for me, I have a harder challenge similar to John's idea. My target is to make money online from the REAL ZERO money (not even need to invest 1 cent) as shown below. But I think this project might take longer time, maybe 1 year to achieve my target :)

BLOG Level:
Blogger Simple Template
- 2 columns
-white background
-black text

Actively comment in Top BLOggERs BLOG
Feedburner RSS
Haloscan Trackback

Income $$$:
Google Adsense

My 2 cents:
Since build this BLOG 2 weeks ago, I am satisfied with my blogging performance. It was due to I refer to those Top BLOggERs BLOG, their idea and suggestion really help me much to improve my BLOG. You can consider this BLOG as an experimental BLOG, because I want to see whether I could achieve my aim to be a full time BLOggER by start to BLOG in free Blogspot.com ? Hope it works.

I will keep posting my BLOG level progress from time to time, to keep as a LOG for my BLOG changes as well as performance review.Also hope to give you 2 cents as my experience. In every review, I will set a new target for me to achieve.

My Action Plan: (1st Target)
1. Earn at least RM90 (USD$25) and successfully transfer the money into my bank in order for me to buy a budget web hosting from Liewcf.com (for a domain name + 250MB web hosting per year)

* Please give your comment for me to improve my BLOG

Monday, August 6, 2007

Why need to Trackback and How to Trackback

Why need to Trackback ?

  • It brings more targeted traffic to your site, and continuously increase your number of loyal blog readers.
  • It create high quality(content related and high ranking) incoming links and (posibility)increase your site ranking in search engines.
  • It share your ideas on the topic with the website author.
How to TrackBack ?

Here is what I do to increase traffic and attract targeted BLOG readers.

  1. I search Google for the keywords of each post. Example:

    trackback keyword1 keyword2 keywordN…

  2. Google will return a list of search result. Note, these are high ranking websites that (posibility) allow trackback from your blog.
  3. Select most revelant(to your post) from the list, visit them and find out the trackback link (normally at end of the post, either in a link format or a URL string). Copy the trackback link.
  4. Turn back to your post and edit it. Trackback the copied link from your blog.

    For Wordpress user, scroll down to “Send trackbacks to:” and paste the copied trackback link(multiple URLs allowed). Click “Save”. It will take some time to trackback the links, be patient.

    For BlogSpot.com
    user, you need to register Free Haloscan account and send trackback link from there.

  5. Done. You get links back from high ranking and relevant websites to your post.

Implement Trackback function in BlogSpot.com - using Haloscan

During last post, i did mentioned about increase your BLOG traffic by using the trackback function to others high trafficked BLOG. In order to use this function, you have to use WordPress. But if you are using free BLOG service provider such as Blogger.com or BlogSpot.com, then you need alternative way to implement trackback, because Blogger.com or BlogSpot.com have not provide trackback function yet!

Actually Liewcf.com had mentioned in his BLOG on why we need to trackback and how to use trackback in more effective way. Amanda, a mom of 2 kids also mentioned on how to use Haloscan in Blogger.com, but what she write is on OLD Blogger.com. I would like to review the technique in latest Blogger.com or BlogSpot.com

1. Goto Haloscan and register a FREE account

2. Login to Haloscan and click on "Install" button as shown below:

3. Follow BLOggER Installation Wizard instruction 1

4. Follow BLOggER Installation Wizard instruction 2

5. You're done ! Refer back to your BLOG and you will see the "trackback" link is just right after the comments link. This trackback link is to allow other bloggers link to your post.

6. To increase your BLOG traffic, you need to trackback your post to other bloggers post. Click on "Manage Comments" in Haloscan, then click "Send a Trackback Ping". After key in your necessary BLOG info, click on "Send Pings".

7. Well done ! Your BLOG is expose for more traffic NOW :)

10 tips to increase BLOG traffic effectively

Liewcf.com has a list of tricks to increasing blog traffic. He calls it as “10 Tips to Increase Blog Traffic“. Here is the excerpt.

  1. Claim your blog at Technorati like services.
  2. Pinging Pingoat or Ping-O-Matic.
  3. Use FeedBurner for feed publishing.
  4. Bookmark every article at del.icio.us.
  5. Use extensive tagging and keywording inside your articles and on services like del.icio.us.
  6. Trackback, if you write about another blog or linking to other blogs.
  7. Use Flickr for your photos. Link to the articles in your Flickr descriptions. Don’t forget to tag your photos.
  8. Always ask permission before you use other people’s pictures. After publishing the picture, add a comment to the photo used (e.g Flickr photo) with a link to your article.
  9. If you are linking to somebody, send them an email about your link. Ask them to inform you if they have something interesting for you to blog about.
  10. Add a link to a keyword in Wikipedia whenever possible.
I just try out the steps above on last Friday except Flickr for photo hosting because i am using blogger.com service, it's easier to upload photo directly. I can see that my blog's traffic is increasing and hopefully can boost up to 1100 visitors before end of this month Aug 2007.

For BLOggERs that using blogger.com or blogspot.com, the service provider not support trackback function yet, but you can using another plugin service provider called Haloscan. See how to register and install Haloscan for your free blogspot.com to boost up your BLOG traffic.

Friday, August 3, 2007

Malaysia "Adsense" - Nuffnang vs Advertlets

Recently discovered 2 new companies in Malaysia involve in BLOG advertising field (both in BETA version)., Yeah! Malaysia BOLEH ? I think this is quite good news for Malaysian BLOggERs. After registered as bloggers in their website and study some information regarding their company background and concept, I have find out some interesting info about these 2 new BLOG advertising companies.

Nuffnang vs Advertlets
Nuffnang just started on Feb 2007 by the blogger named LengMou, a student graduated from UK. I just registered in this website on yesterday , and put their code in my BLOG. But find out that the long banner advertisement seems still not working, means Nuffnang have not prepared for all BLOggERs to advertise yet. What a disappointment for me, as a new BLOggER here :(

Furthermore, the website seems too simple and not attractive at all, at first time when i register, i thought this website was design by some college student (sorry LengMou ), maybe this is the reason why Liewcf.com not interested to go for this advertising scheme. But anyway, i have visited some personal blog that fit Nuffnang square advertisement into their blog successfully. I will try to figure out the long banner again on today, hopefully it works for me.

One thing that attract my attention from Nuffnang is the Monthly prizes - Nintendo DS. Hope i will be one of the lucky guy to get this :)

Advertlets is more professional in their website design in my first impression. I also registered as the BLOggER in their website yesterday. The company co founder Mr Josh Lim and his associates partners put a lot of effort on this company, from their marketing concept and the way the present their company we know that. I am not sure when they started this advertising company, but seems like not long.

One weakness that i see from this website is their advertisement coding setup page, there is no wizard to customized the ads to suit our own BLOG. Mr Josh and partners might want to take note on this for improvement.

Anyway, it is what a pity i missed the opportunities to join in the "Review Advertlets" campaign that ended on 31 May07 , if not i might get 100 bucks for my domain name registration :) Hopefull got more offer in the future from Advertlets. Now only available for Singaporean bloggers.

Although they are not paying me any cent to review them, but i think i should tell you the truth so that BLOggERs like me can consider their advantages and disadvantages before go for it !

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Coca-Cola, Microsoft hottest global brands

Which company do you think able to break into the top 10 companies worldwide? Recently there is a study carry out by BusinessWeek and branding company Interbrand on who is the top 100 rank companies worldwide.

As shown in their study result, the hottest global brands in the whole world is Coca-Cola and Microsoft. Coca-Cola has kept the No. 1 spot and Microsoft has stayed No. 2 for the last seven years.

Others companies like IBM, GE and Nokia made into the top 5. And the Bloggers most concern company, the search giant - GOOGLE is climbing and has reached the 20th in just two years.

These are the top 10 companies from the list and their brand value in 2007:
1. Coca-Cola, $65 million
2. Microsoft, $59 million
3. IBM, $57 million
4. General Electric, $52 million
5. Nokia, $34 million
6. Toyota, $32 million
7. Intel, $31 million
8. McDonald's, $29 million
9. Disney, $29 million
10. Mercedes-Benz, $24 million

Some people might doubt on the result, Why Apple not in the top 10 ?
Full Story: Study: Coca-Cola, Microsoft hottest global brands

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Lifely BLOG with Widgetbox

What is Widgetbox ?
Today i want to talk about an useful BLOG widget website that can bring your BLOG lively and efficient enough to earn more. The website url is http://www.widgetbox.com

For the past 2 days (Yesterday and Today), I've went through this website thoroughly and find out it is full of fantastic tools for all BLOggERs to improve their BLOG interface and feature.

I would like to introduce one of the widget i like most, it named "meebo me!" widget. This widget allow your visitors to communicate with you instantly on your BLOG without software installation. You might want to meet and chat with your fans, your supporter or visitors to increase your BLOG's traffic. Remember your visitors is human, they are not robot, so you need two way communication with them, then they will come to visit your BLOG more frequent !

How to install meebo me! widget ?
It is quite simple to install the meebo me! widget on your BLOG.

1. Just click on the meebo me! link

2. Click on the button

3. Click on your BLOG type ,for example i am using BLOggER.com

4. Click on Install Panel button

5. Put in a title for the widget, then click on "Add Widget" to finish.