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Thursday, September 6, 2007

Blog Review - icalvyn.com

iCalvyn.com Overview
Calvyn is an IT Officer, he blog about his IT Officer life. He is now giving away free domain to who ever review his blog.

As i can see from his blog, he has put a lot of effort on posting ,almost everyday 1 post which is a good sign for a successful blogger. The overall layout is simple and almost transparent for all widget or advertisement. He has blog for about 6 month, and reach 41 rss reader to date.

My two cents
As a blog for 6 months old, i think 41 rss reader is quite low. Hence i suggest Mr Calvyn should concentrate more on increase blog traffic first, before put more effort on advertising. For blog interface, i suggest him to arrange in better order especially on the advertisement segment as well as chosen color. Lastly, hope he can upload his real photo into the "about me" area instead of sketch photo, this definitely will increase reader faith to follow his post.

Hopefully after he read my post here, give me USD$9.95 for me to register a Dot Com :)

*Update on 10 Sep 07 - Calvyn won't transfer $10 into your paypal directly unless you follow his instruction. This looks like mystery, i quit from this offer, don't waste my time. So you register domain with Calvyn at your own risk :)

See how Calvyn reply my email below:

1. i can specify my own "domain name", for eg: myownname.com
Calvyn: sure,u are buying your own domain. coz the whole process are done by
you, not me. That why i want you to do it your self so that all the
information are not aware by me

2. i only spend $9.90 throughout the whole process
Calvyn: yes, only 9.90USD, and i will send u USD10 by paypal after done the
whole process.

3. i wont leak out my personal information, eg: credit card ,address,phone info
Calvyn: u no need to worry, i don want your c.c number, that why ask u to do it
your self, and you may trust this transaction, cz this payment are done by
google checkout. except you don trust google.

4. i only register for domain name, but not other offer
Calvyn: er...(HARD TO EXPLAIN HERE, we chat in msn.)

5. i have control on the domain name settings, including use my own web
hosting( but if u want provide me free also can :)
Calvyn: same as above, answer "that why i wan you do it your self" you are
signing up in that company. not own by me. u have full control.

6. i receive your paypal money after i registered the domain name.
Calvyn: yes, i will send u USD10 after the whole process finish.