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Welcome to my best personal BLOG 2007 ! My name is tim, and most of the people call me ah tim, that is why i named my blog with ah tim The BLOggER. I am a IT specialist and my dream is to become a full time BLOggER so that can spend more time for my family and God's work. My purpose to design and write this blog is to provide valuable information to you and hopefully you get some information or tools that you want or needed before leave my BLOG. Well, i am not a full time blogger, hence don't have much time to research on those high level techniques to make money online, BUT i will tell you how i manage make some money online by using my free time. I will update this BLOG as frequent as i can, with your frequent visit or read my feedburner daily. Enjoy surfing and do give your comments in my post ! Take care :)

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Bi-Weekly BLOG review - 1st Review

Since blogging here for 2 weeks, I would like to review what have I done and what I get so far. I will define my level of blogging and share with you all. Hope you can give some useful comment here to help me improve.

Recently JohnChow.com accepted an challenge to build a BLOG from "nobody to somebody".I like this idea to prove that Internet can success people, and I hope he show us how he do that . Of course, I believe he can do that!

As for me, I have a harder challenge similar to John's idea. My target is to make money online from the REAL ZERO money (not even need to invest 1 cent) as shown below. But I think this project might take longer time, maybe 1 year to achieve my target :)

BLOG Level:
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-black text

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Income $$$:
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My 2 cents:
Since build this BLOG 2 weeks ago, I am satisfied with my blogging performance. It was due to I refer to those Top BLOggERs BLOG, their idea and suggestion really help me much to improve my BLOG. You can consider this BLOG as an experimental BLOG, because I want to see whether I could achieve my aim to be a full time BLOggER by start to BLOG in free Blogspot.com ? Hope it works.

I will keep posting my BLOG level progress from time to time, to keep as a LOG for my BLOG changes as well as performance review.Also hope to give you 2 cents as my experience. In every review, I will set a new target for me to achieve.

My Action Plan: (1st Target)
1. Earn at least RM90 (USD$25) and successfully transfer the money into my bank in order for me to buy a budget web hosting from Liewcf.com (for a domain name + 250MB web hosting per year)

* Please give your comment for me to improve my BLOG