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Monday, August 6, 2007

Why need to Trackback and How to Trackback

Why need to Trackback ?

  • It brings more targeted traffic to your site, and continuously increase your number of loyal blog readers.
  • It create high quality(content related and high ranking) incoming links and (posibility)increase your site ranking in search engines.
  • It share your ideas on the topic with the website author.
How to TrackBack ?

Here is what I do to increase traffic and attract targeted BLOG readers.

  1. I search Google for the keywords of each post. Example:

    trackback keyword1 keyword2 keywordN…

  2. Google will return a list of search result. Note, these are high ranking websites that (posibility) allow trackback from your blog.
  3. Select most revelant(to your post) from the list, visit them and find out the trackback link (normally at end of the post, either in a link format or a URL string). Copy the trackback link.
  4. Turn back to your post and edit it. Trackback the copied link from your blog.

    For Wordpress user, scroll down to “Send trackbacks to:” and paste the copied trackback link(multiple URLs allowed). Click “Save”. It will take some time to trackback the links, be patient.

    For BlogSpot.com
    user, you need to register Free Haloscan account and send trackback link from there.

  5. Done. You get links back from high ranking and relevant websites to your post.