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Friday, August 3, 2007

Malaysia "Adsense" - Nuffnang vs Advertlets

Recently discovered 2 new companies in Malaysia involve in BLOG advertising field (both in BETA version)., Yeah! Malaysia BOLEH ? I think this is quite good news for Malaysian BLOggERs. After registered as bloggers in their website and study some information regarding their company background and concept, I have find out some interesting info about these 2 new BLOG advertising companies.

Nuffnang vs Advertlets
Nuffnang just started on Feb 2007 by the blogger named LengMou, a student graduated from UK. I just registered in this website on yesterday , and put their code in my BLOG. But find out that the long banner advertisement seems still not working, means Nuffnang have not prepared for all BLOggERs to advertise yet. What a disappointment for me, as a new BLOggER here :(

Furthermore, the website seems too simple and not attractive at all, at first time when i register, i thought this website was design by some college student (sorry LengMou ), maybe this is the reason why Liewcf.com not interested to go for this advertising scheme. But anyway, i have visited some personal blog that fit Nuffnang square advertisement into their blog successfully. I will try to figure out the long banner again on today, hopefully it works for me.

One thing that attract my attention from Nuffnang is the Monthly prizes - Nintendo DS. Hope i will be one of the lucky guy to get this :)

Advertlets is more professional in their website design in my first impression. I also registered as the BLOggER in their website yesterday. The company co founder Mr Josh Lim and his associates partners put a lot of effort on this company, from their marketing concept and the way the present their company we know that. I am not sure when they started this advertising company, but seems like not long.

One weakness that i see from this website is their advertisement coding setup page, there is no wizard to customized the ads to suit our own BLOG. Mr Josh and partners might want to take note on this for improvement.

Anyway, it is what a pity i missed the opportunities to join in the "Review Advertlets" campaign that ended on 31 May07 , if not i might get 100 bucks for my domain name registration :) Hopefull got more offer in the future from Advertlets. Now only available for Singaporean bloggers.

Although they are not paying me any cent to review them, but i think i should tell you the truth so that BLOggERs like me can consider their advantages and disadvantages before go for it !