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Welcome to my best personal BLOG 2007 ! My name is tim, and most of the people call me ah tim, that is why i named my blog with ah tim The BLOggER. I am a IT specialist and my dream is to become a full time BLOggER so that can spend more time for my family and God's work. My purpose to design and write this blog is to provide valuable information to you and hopefully you get some information or tools that you want or needed before leave my BLOG. Well, i am not a full time blogger, hence don't have much time to research on those high level techniques to make money online, BUT i will tell you how i manage make some money online by using my free time. I will update this BLOG as frequent as i can, with your frequent visit or read my feedburner daily. Enjoy surfing and do give your comments in my post ! Take care :)

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Lifely BLOG with Widgetbox

What is Widgetbox ?
Today i want to talk about an useful BLOG widget website that can bring your BLOG lively and efficient enough to earn more. The website url is http://www.widgetbox.com

For the past 2 days (Yesterday and Today), I've went through this website thoroughly and find out it is full of fantastic tools for all BLOggERs to improve their BLOG interface and feature.

I would like to introduce one of the widget i like most, it named "meebo me!" widget. This widget allow your visitors to communicate with you instantly on your BLOG without software installation. You might want to meet and chat with your fans, your supporter or visitors to increase your BLOG's traffic. Remember your visitors is human, they are not robot, so you need two way communication with them, then they will come to visit your BLOG more frequent !

How to install meebo me! widget ?
It is quite simple to install the meebo me! widget on your BLOG.

1. Just click on the meebo me! link

2. Click on the button

3. Click on your BLOG type ,for example i am using BLOggER.com

4. Click on Install Panel button

5. Put in a title for the widget, then click on "Add Widget" to finish.